The Missing Link (A Fred Weasley Love Story)

Ellie Carlson was normal, sure. That was, until she turned 17. The magic hiding her from wizarding view broke, and she was found by none other than Albus Dumbledore. 
Of course, finding out you're adopted, a witch, your real parents were murdered, and that you have a younger brother who's supposed to save the Wizarding World is a lot to take in. After a whirlwind of introductions to people - including a rather mischievious set of red-headed twins - and to magic, Ellie finds herself at Hogwarts.
 From then on, there's no turning back for her as she fights her way past daunting nightmares, forgotten memories, the antics of the twins, and worst of all, being the key behind either the destruction or saving of her brother: Harry Potter.
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