Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Users of Google Pixel XL report issues with fast charging after updating Android 9 Pie

Some owners of Google Pixel XL devices (released in 2016) reported that their phones have been having problems, not allowing chargers to charge fast after the latest version of Android 9 Pie.
Users regret that installing the latest version of Android had as a negative result the ability of Pixel XL to load quickly and that the issue is not only about the final version but also the beta versions of Android P released not long ago. This suggests that Google has not managed to eliminate some critical problems in its new operating system, leaving users exposed.
Owners of the Pixel XL smartphones took action and reported this serious problem across all social networking platforms, like Reddit, XDA, and Google’s Issue Tracker site with the prospect of finding a solution straight away.
Pixel phones for fast charging use USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) with chargers certified for USB-PD to charge the device at 5V / 3A (that is fast), but after installing Android 9 Pie, users have noticed that the “phone charge” message just appears instead of “fast charging” that should under normal circumstances.
Specifically, the report related to this problem in Google Issue Tracker is unfortunately closed and marked as “Will not Fix (Infeasible)”, ie it is not corrected. This means that the changes required to address the problem are not reasonably feasible, according to the AOSP (Android Open Source Project).
This condition is also used for the listed issues that can not be addressed in AOSP, usually because they are related to a custom third-party device or an external application or if the person who wrote the issue reported the problem at the wrong point in the help forum.
However, we should point out that this problem is likely to be resolved soon, but not today or tomorrow, obviously because interventions are required in the Android operating system and this is a time consuming process,

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