TRAGEDY!!! 9-year-old committed suicide due to bullying

A 9-year-old boy in Denver, Colorado commited suicide, having undergone homophobic bullying in his school for several days. As Leia Pierce’s mother told KDVR-TV, her son Jamel Myles revealed in the summer that he was gay. He wanted, he said, to go to school and tell his classmates because he was proud to be gay.
According to the responsible directorate of the Denver schools, school counselors were made available to students at the 9-year-old primary school, which sent letters to their families on Friday, informing them of the additional consultancy services that were available.
The letters state that Jamel’s death “is an unexpected loss to our school community,” parents are told what signs of anxiety they should watch for their children, and it is stressed that their goal is to be together with parents in the management of the tragedy.
The police are investigating the boy’s death as suicide. The dead body of 9-year-old Jamel found Pembpi in his home, as the BBC broadcasts on local media. He had started the new school year on Monday and, according to his mother, had confessed to his older sister that the children at his school were saying to be killed.
“I’m sorry he did not come to me, I’m saddened so much that he thought this was his choice,” his mother said of his suicide. As he described, when she told her he was gay, she looked “very scared” but she assured him he loved him anyway. She finally expressed hope that her son’s death would help raise awareness of the consequences of bullying.


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