Sony has sold 525 million PlayStation and celebrates it with the PlayStation 4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) said it has sold more than 525.3 million PlayStation devices since 1994 and to celebrate it will release a limited version called the PlayStation 4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition. This release will be available for purchase on August 24, 2018. The new console will also be sold at the retail price of 49,980 yen in Japan, 499 dollars in North America and 499 euros in Europe.
Sony said the limited edition was created as a big “thank you” around the world who has entrusted it for so many years, but the malice of the case is that only 50,000 consoles will be marketed, which will of course leave unhappy players they will buy it.
With the launch of its original PlayStation, which was first launched in Japan on December 3, 1994, the company managed to attract a huge crowd that follows it everywhere. The following PlayStation releases are titled PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. The latter has sold 81.2 million units so far
John Kodera, SIE President and Chief Executive Officer, said: “I would like to express my deepest gratitude for continued support to our fans and colleagues, all of whom have contributed to the rich history of PlayStation. Without our passionate community, we could not surpass this remarkable milestone of 500 million units in sales.
The PlayStation 4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition was created to show our appreciation to our loyal fans. We will continue to make PlayStation the best place for the world to play its favorite games, and we are committed to expanding our library with even more great games. ”
However, it is worth noting that Sony will sell separately the 500 million Limited Edition Wireless Controller (Dualshock 4) together with the Gold Wireless Headset 500 Million Limited Edition, starting August 24, 2018, also in limited quantities.


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