PLEASE HELP!! My Wife’s Church Life Is Affecting My Family, What Should I Do?

This might sounds insane to many people but that’s the pure truth. My family life is at the brink (divorced but not yet legal)
As am typing this, i’m in deep confusion and pain. It started some years back, my wife started going to this church (name withheld) that one of her friends invited her to join, at first i really don’t care cause women(or girls)of nowadays can’t be controlled cause of this equality.
Now it’s affecting me and i can’t cope again, Monday to Sunday now it’s one programme after another night vigil, special prayers and all.
Sometimes I eat late in the night,she wouldn’t return on time to prepare dinner,no time to have normal and enjoyable s€x with my spouse,she is always busy with church activities
I’ve complained several times and she will always promise to change,all to no avail,i even asked her never to attend dat church again, next ting i know their pastor was at mah door step begging me to retract my decision that evriting will change..(noting changes,it’s even worse)
So,since i can’t make her to desist from goin to the said church,i actually commot her from my house,since dat church is affecting her business also,she does’nt have time for shop again..
The main reason i wrote all dat sermon is dat,was i wrong in anyway? Cause i’m feeling guilty rite now and dats wots causing d pain in mah heart
ignore all typo and just try to get my point,,,PLEASE HELP A BRODER AM REALLY CONFUSED…tnx in advance
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