Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Makinde’s Talk!! Hello Young Man, Making Money Is Cool But Education Is Very Important For You

Hello Guys,
Good day and hope you all are doing great?
I traveled home to celebrate Sallah with my family and I met some of my distance cousins who are now making money… They are all young boys but making cool $$$ legitimately.
We had some brotherly discussions, I asked them about work, school and everything but to my greatest surprise, they are not considering Schoolbecause they believe the Certificate is useless if you are rich 😂😂
I gave them some brotherly advise, I even used myself as an example and they promised to do something about it before 2018 runs out.
Glad I was able to convince them that Money is necessary but Education is equally important as it serves as a ladder to attain even more greater heights.
Then I checked into Facebook to post this on my page so other young boys can learn from it.
See the post below:-
To all young boys out there 👇

Money Is Important But Education Will Upgrade Your Personality & Take You To Greater Places

Let’s hear from you all on this issue affecting most young boys.
Drop your comments.

In Case You Don’t Know

» If you make all the Money and you are finally rich, someone who is Educated will make you feel poor one day.
» A time will come, the Money will be overflowing and Education will be the only thing missing and might even be a barrier for you to attain some particular height.
» Education upgrades your Standard, makes you think ahead of your peers or competitors.

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