Madonna’s opinion of today’s music

For issues that concern both herself and the music industry in general, Madonna spoke in an interview she gave and published in Vogue Italia.
The popular pop star talked about the years she spent in Lisbon, along with her son, a member of the Benfica Academy, as well as her feelings about modern music in the context of promoting her upcoming album. As she said, the Portuguese capital was a source of inspiration for many of the tracks contained in her new album.
“It’s also such a good antidote to what’s going on in the music business now that’s all so standard and there are 20 artists involved in each song, and everyone’s the same,” he said.
Madonna reiterated that she moved to Lisbon, so that David’s son was busy with football. She also spoke of her leaving the US, saying she felt it was a good time to leave the country.
“I felt like we needed a change and I wanted to leave America for a while. As you know, this is not the best time for America, not that if you leave it or do something different, nothing changes. I have lived in other places. I lived in London for 10 years. I like putting myself in difficult situations and taking risks, “he said.
Finally, Madonna has confirmed that she will release her new album by the end of the year.


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