Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Let’s Talk!!! Would You Collect 10,000 Naira To Vote For Buhari Next Year?

I don’t know if you stayed informed about the most recent election in Nigeria, the Ekiti state election that was held last month.
It was one with a lot of controversies, and the most talked about topic was how Ekiti State election was bought and how the parties mostly APC and PDP paid the Ekiti state voters money to vote for them.
Well, the APC were reported to have paid the most as reports states they paid as much as 10-15 thousand naira per voter, to some, that is a lot of money, so many took the money and voted for the man with highest money.
So looking at the 2019 presidential election coming soon we all can agree the major competition is between the APC and PDP, and looking at the state of things in the country right now we are asking:

Will You Collect 10,000 Naira To Vote For The Sitting President Buhari Next Year?

Dear youths, please let us have this serious discussion, and please be honest.
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