Kindly Advice Me: My Childhood Best Friend Is Doing These Strange Things Around Me, I Don’t Know What To Do Anymore!

Please advise this worried man.

Read what He sent to us via Email below:- 

I am one of your fan and mostly comment in the sport news section. Hide my mail. I have a problem and I need a solution.
My childhood Male best friend is acting very strange around me. I took it as a joke at first but now it’s getting serious.
We are 2 boys who went to the same secondary school and university.
I noticed recently he has been asking us to spend more time alone. While we chat about football, he sits very close to me, stares into my eyes and rubs my thighs.
At first I took it as normal Omo Boy stuff but now it’s getting confusing.
We rarely talk about women and he has walked in on me in the bathroom many times, saying things like “Wow bro your thing big o, nice backside.”
Again I took it as a normal joke and just laugh it off.
He even bought me a pair of boxers and singlets recently for me.
Now, he sent me a WhatsApp message last night that he wants us to be closer, and not just normal close.
Can you imagine?
Please I Really Don’t Know What To Do Or Say To Him Anymore… I Don’t Want To Report Him To The Police Cause He Is My Close Padi
Can You Advice Me?

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