How to Write SEO-Friendly Content in 2018

How to Write SEO-Friendly Content in 2018

SEO refers to ‘Search Engine Optimization’. SEO based mostly content writing refers to the art of writing content exploitation effective key words that may rank high in varied search engines. It is an effective way to engage audience by making it easier for them to search for relevant content via search engines like Google. One can publicise and sell products via online writing rather than spending a huge amount of money in promotional and marketing. In order to use effective keywords that attract online traffic, it is important to conduct a thorough keyword research before one starts writing. Thus one can use words which are more frequently searched for by users while on internet. It is also important to organise the content logically so that users are able to find the information easily.

One has to know their target audience well before developing the site content. E.g. who do you want to engage with your content? Is it the teen group or the middle income group or the highly paid professionals? What kind of content interests and entertains them? What are the current issues that this target group is facing and what solution are they seeking from the online site? It is a good idea to connect with the target audience via social media, blogs etc. and seek their opinion and feedback on the type of content that they find useful and interesting. One has to post frequently to generate interest amongst the audience. Usage of appropriate font styles, headings, attractive and informative pages, re-validation of the chosen key words periodically etc. are few SEO Content Strategies to keep drawing traffic on internet. Credibility and authenticity of the content are imperative for driving customer loyalty towards the website. The content has to retain its originality and uniqueness to spark user interest.

One has to incorporate compelling blog writing, article writing and press releases such that users find them engaging and are willing to share them with other colleagues and friends. The content has to be rich enough to educate people and empower them to make well informed decisions. The need to proof read the content before publication can never be undermined since nobody would like to read content that has grammatical and formatting errors and is visually unappealing. There has to be clarity of thought in the content and it has to be relevant to the subject so that readers are not digressed or confused. Seasonal promotional and offers, timely updates on new releases and products etc. are able to keep the audience engaged and encourage them to repeat their website visits for more information. Lastly seeking a professional viewpoint ensures that the content is SEO compliant and of top notch quality.


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