Wednesday, August 29, 2018

How to convert a bicycle into electric in 60 seconds

Within just 60 seconds, with the installation of the special “wheel”, GeoOrbital allows you to “upgrade” your traditional and favorite bike and turn it into an electric bike.

The Geoorbital wheel is made of a kind of foam and replaces the front wheel of the bicycle. Within 60 seconds, as long as it is held, the bicycle has been turned into electric. The wheel is equipped with a lithium battery, giving it 50 km of autonomy with only one charge or 80 if you do pedal.

GeoOrbital engineers – with experience in SpaceX and Ford, talk about innovative design and easy installation and use. The GeoOrbital wheel comes in three “models” to fit 99% of all adult bicycles and costs $ 995.

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