How she made her first million at 20 —Actress Chika Ike

Nollywood actress, Chikadebia Nancy Ike simply known as Chika Ike is one of the most successful actresses in the industry. And she heads the actresses with the most flamboyant lifestyles in Nigeria and her public display of success becomes even more ubiquitous with the popularity of social media. In this interview by Newton-Ray Ukwuoma, the Anambra State-born, reveals the secrets of her successes in the movie and business worlds. Excerpts:
You are about the most flamboyant Nollywood actor on social media. Are these things real or part of the fake life people accuse celebrities of leading?
It is real, nothing is fake. I try to live my best life because life is short, life is a journey. This is someone that lost her mom at a very young age. My mom was very young when she passed on. Her death made me realise that life is very short and you don’t know what happens tomorrow. So, as long as you can, embrace and enjoy every moment.
Recently, a lot of actors have been saying that they are not making money from acting. Do you agree with this?
This is actually very important. People talk about it a lot that actors and actresses are usually not financially buoyant to have a lifestyle. But when you look at it properly, you will find that acting itself does not bring in as much as you would expect, but when you are an actor, you have a lot of good will. A lot of things come to you and you have a lot of avenues and opportunities to invest. For me basically, I have always had a business mind. I made my first million naira when I was 20. To some people it is not a big deal, but it is a big deal to me. I was investing in real estates. Actors must have the ability to go beyond the platform they are given to create wealth. When people say that actors don’t make money I think everybody should speak for themselves. Personally, I know the kind of investments I have made through acting. Acting gives you a platform, gives you a voice. Any actor can use this platform to his or her advantage.


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