Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Find your perfect job with Google Cloud Talent

Google wants to make it easier to find skilled workers with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). To this end, it announced today that Cloud Job Solution (formerly Cloud Job Discovery) is now generally available.

The Cloud Talent Solution, launched as the Cloud Jobs API in 2016, is a growth platform for those looking for or offering work, but the technology giant through this website has simplified and customized the process, distinguishing significantly from its competitors in this sector. In short, you no longer need to type different terms to find what you want, since it takes you straight to the charges, saving you time.

According to Google, CareerBuilder, which uses the Cloud Talent Solution, saw a 15% increase in users who want to find jobs through notifications and a 41% increase in “interest” activity by users.

Along with the public presentation of Cloud Talent Solution, Google introduced a new feature to the toolbar, profile search. It also allows organizations and companies to use key words or phrases like “front-end engineer” or “middle-level manager” from other companies that used them the previous time, this process is achieved through mechanical learning, ie it learns the system by the user’s habits.

Profile search is available today in beta.

In a publication on Google’s blog today, the company from California has pointed out another solution powered by artificial intelligence for business, called the Recommendation Solution. This is a report that shows content or product based on anonymous user data from Google Analytics 360 and works with Cloud Composer to update learning engine models with customized and predefined steps.

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