Beyonce’s hot accident at Chicago concert

Chicago has been upset by Beyonce’s last stop of her tour, in an appearance that will hardly forget the audience found in the concert. And that, because Beyonce has taken care of once more, to be … the most sexy on stage.
And for this hot show, Vrettos Vrettakos, the Greek designer whom the big star trusts, put his magic hands on. Besides, in the past he has honored his creations, showing a particular weakness in her body.
And in her latest appearance in Chicago she chose to wear a sexy body of Vrettakos, embroidered with 500 thousand Swarovski crystals and 2,000 other crystals! And she showed impressively her curves, while the sexy look was complemented by boots above the knee, which also have a Greek signature, that of designer Tsakiri Malla.
Vrettakos uploaded in his personal account, on Instagram photo from the hot show of Beyonce. Let’s remind him that his own creation was the highly impressive full-length form of Eleni Foureira in Eurovision last May, where he won second place.


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