Barbie’s new appearance shocked the world

The artist, a Milan-based graphic designer who signs as Dot Pigeon, has created a not so flawless picture of the famous doll. Enought with false perfection, he says.
Barbie, the doll of symbolic beauty, in the version of Pigeon has the well-known blond hair, hooked on a horsetail, wears a swimsuit, but there is a detail on the thighs and buttocks, it has cellulite and this makes it more humane, imperfect.
In fact, for several years now, Mattel, the most famous doll’s brand in the world, takes great strides to escape the stereotypical figure of a thin, blond with thin waist.
Barbie now has different ethnicities and styles (short, tall, thin with curves).

Barbie with Dot Pigeon’s cellulite for the time being is only a graphic design, but when he published it in his profile at Instagram it became viral.


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