A new application will allow communication without internet during natural disasters

Chilean engineer Barbara Lara has created an application that will help mobile phone users send messages during a natural disaster even if there is no signal on their device or internet access. The “S! E” (Emergency Information System) is based on existing radio signal infrastructures for encrypting messages on high-frequency sound waves and transmitting them to mobile phones.
The application has garnered the interest of the well-known US university, MIT, who described Lara as one of the most important inventors under 35 in Latin America. Lara is also the first Chilean to be on this list. 32-year-old Lara studied computer engineer at the University of Santa Maria and inspired this application after the powerful earthquake of 8.8 degrees that hit Chile in 2010.
After the earthquake, which killed 525 people, there have been serious communications problems, according to official data.
“There are many natural disasters in Chile, I live in a region that faces threats of fires, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes,” Lara told Xinhua.
When all forms of communication collapse, he explains, “We are isolated and without ways of communicating with the outside world and this is not right because communicating and receiving information is a right everyone has.”
With the S! E application, mobile phones receive the audible messages the user can hear through the device’s microphone. Messages can also be re-sent wirelessly, creating a network with other users. Lara, which has set up a business, Emercom, said the application is a simple and economical solution that can be used in all countries.


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