19-year-old Nigerian lady says women should submit to their husband, social media reacts

As the battle for the movement of feminism continues, it appears things are getting heated for people who choose to have a different opinion, contrary to this movement and Falusi Opeoluwa seems to be the latest one.
One of the most heated arguments surrounding feminism is the traditional roles of a man and a woman in a marriage. While the modern day feminist who view marriage as a partnership, believe submission should come from both parties, not every woman seems to share this belief.
19-year-old lady identified as Falusi Opeoluwa has caused quite a buzz on social media and stepped on a lot of nerves after she took to the social media platform to share her views on marriage and roles of spouses, which openly countered the belief of feminism.
She wrote, "Do not marry a man you won't submit to. Do not marry a woman you can't Nurture. Submission or moreso, respect should be from both parties, the husband and the wife. The wife should not be bossed around while she submits to her husband and the husband should be duly respected while he performs his responsibility as the head."
As expected, this caused an outrage on the platform with most women condemning her for having and sharing such an archaic belief. While there were some who supported her, others however spared no words in lashing out at her.
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