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Though the word SEO is quite familiar with all the mature bloggers but it might bring questions for newbies. SEO and BLOGGING are relatively connected with each other. The abbreviation of SEO is Search Engine Optimization, which optimized your blog and it’s contents to the Search Engines, so that they could be indexed by them.

Making a blog SEO friendly is very important in terms of getting Ranks, generate exposures or revenue and making it popular worldwide. While listening to those three words the new bloggers might get the idea of making their blog SEO friendly is not so easy, but the truth is something else.

Anyone and everyone can make their blog SEO friendly by putting a very little but constant efforts, and for doing so we are providing you guys some very effective and easy tips in our present article. So guys being a newbie blogger, if you have the wish to make your blog outrank among the billions in the popular search engines then we will suggest you to read the article very carefully and try to embed the tips in case of your blog also as much as you can and we can assure you as per our experiences that you will get a genuine result.

This is the most initial step and many people makes mistake in this area particularly. Your blog should portrait your area of interests to your viewers, hence the first thing you need to keep in mind is to choose the most appropriate and proper name or domain name of your blog. Because your blog will be known to the people worldwide through your domain name only, thus your domain name should have the power and potentiality to attracts similar viewers of your niche.

As an example if you have interest in Capital Market and if you want to share your knowledge through your blog, with the others who has the similar interest like you, on that particular field then you should choose your domain name as “ or similar to it”.


Before explaining about it, you need to know first “what is meta tag” ?

Meta tags are the HTML or XHTML elements, which provides information about a web page, which includes the information about the creator of the page, what are the elements covered in that page, how often the page is getting updated and which are the keywords author have used to summarize the contents of the page etc.

Creating Meta tags for your each and every blog pages are very much important. Because many search engines look out for this information while building their indices. While creating the Meta Tags for your blog one need to be very careful about choosing the word, because your Meta Tags should have the ability to express your page contents.


It is very important for you guys to remember that use of unique keywords could only make your web-pages optimized by the search engines. Use of unique title in each and every page will only can define the pages separately to the search engine. Because search engines used to rank on web pages not on websites, hence each page should contain a handful of key words to get optimized by the search engines and remember to not use the same set of keywords related to the theme of your blog in every web pages as in that way no unique key word will come out to the search engines and thus they will underestimate your page as a good match for any particular search.


People across the globe refers only those blogs, where they find some top quality contents. Hence it’s very much necessary for a blogger to provide high quality contents for his/her viewers so that once a visitor discover your blog should never keep it out of their mind. Thus you will be benefited in both ways. One among those is, you will get some quality viewers and the second is people who will find your blog interesting and able to match up their expectations will refer it to their friends, followers and colleagues. By this way your blog will automatically generate a good number of traffic and also will get noticed by the search engines as well.


when we talk about link building, it’s means the count of links you are getting from some high authoritative websites. In another way it is called as getting back-links. The best way to build up links is to do guest posting in those renowned websites. Once you guys will groom up yourself enough in terms of writing articles start write articles side by side for guest posting. But remember your guest articles should be high quality articles or else it will not be accepted by the high authoritative websites. Once your website will start getting high quality back-links it will automatically be optimized by the search engines. Thus increasing SEO for your website will also help it to get a good page rank from Google as well.


Once your blog gets enriched with a good number of quality articles and start getting a good number of viewers, look out for blog directories and submit your blog to those blog directories as much as you can. Because submitting your blog in different blog directories will benefits you in two ways. Firstly you will get a huge traffic and secondly you might get invitations for guest posting from different high quality blogs. Besides that more traffics will also bring more page-views for your each articles as well. Thus increasing page-views and traffics together will help to pull up your blog’s rank in a significant way.


Article submission directories can also help your blog through making it better optimized by the search engines . As in the previous point I have explained that how blog directories are helpful in increasing your blog’s SEO, just like the same way article submission directories also pulls up crowd or traffics for your blog’s articles. If you have the ability to write quality contents then you should look out for article submission directories to explore your capability in front of the world of bloggers so that your article get crawled by the search engine crawlers.


Social networks are the most easy and valuable platform of blog/website submission to get a great outcome in terms of better optimization for search engines by putting less efforts. Now a days almost 80% of total population involves them into social network sites, hence creating your blog pages in various social networking sites with your domain name and by updating it regularly by sharing your articles or posts will also help you guys to get a quick and good outcome in terms of improved SEO for your blog.


People consider a website/blog as a good search on the basis of how flawlessly the users can navigate your website across the web. We will suggest you to create or include two site-maps, one will be for users and one should be for search engines. You can use XML site-map for search engines and Breadcrumbs as your internal site-map.


It is important to decrease your website loading time as much as you can as it is proven that viewers loves to visit those websites which opens fast in all type of search engines. In addition to this you guys need to take care of the downtime of your website as well, hence our suggestion will be pay a bit more but choose a proper hosting. Because search engines hates those websites which experience frequent downtime. Beside that try to limit your page size in between 100k to 150k so that your page can open smoothly and fast in comparison to other blogs.

Google page speed tool helps to check website speed as well as it also suggest what actions are required to take to optimize the website. If you are using wordpress then W3 total cache wordpressplugin is one more option through which one can optimize their website.


So guys that was all from our side, now it’s depends on you how thoroughly you can follow the steps and make your Blog SEO friendly. There must be many more SEO tips across the web, but as per our knowledge above 10 SEO tips are most common and helpful for the beginners.

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